From 320 kilograms, the girl lost weight to 80. Now she is a real beauty!

In the family of Christina Phillips there were constant quarrels between parents.

The girl was very worried about this and the only consolation for her was food. Gradually, stress eating turned into a habit and uncontrolled eating, as a result – extra pounds and obesity.

Excessive weight greatly interfered with life, but the girl did not try to fight the problem in any way.

She stopped leaving the house and was very shy to appear in public.

And over time, the accumulated kilograms led to the fact that Kristina could not fully walk and even serve herself in everyday terms.

As a result, the doctors told the girl that her life was under threat, because she was only 22 years old and if she did not do anything, everything could end very badly.

Therefore, Phillips finally made the decision to radically change her life.

She applied to a popular TV show where a nutritionist and a fitness trainer help a person lose weight.

First, Kristina had her excess fat removed by surgery.

And then she went through a long rehabilitation with training.

She was also taught to eat healthy. And, with 320 kilograms, the girl managed to lose weight to 80!

Now she is no longer afraid to look in the mirror, go outside, go to the shops, etc

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