On America’s Got Talent, a humble teen tugs at the heartstrings with a country song.

Such eyes can easily accept such things as normal. Our five senses are things we use almost every day without giving much thought to how fortunate we are to have them all. The Dodds family, on the other hand, cannot say the same.

When Kennedy Dodds first set foot on the American acquisition stage, he described how everyone in his family, except himself, suffered from visual impairment. Unfortunately, her parents and siblings lost their sight over time.

But that didn’t stop his loving mother and father from providing him with everything he needed to pursue his dreams. The shy young man from Utah chose to perform the original song “One Way Ticket to Tennessee.”

His performance resembled a cross between Grace VanderWall and a young Taylor Swift. There was no denying that the judges were blown away by his performance and were eager to move on to the next round.

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