Belated happiness: what a 3-year-old girl looks like today, to whom her mother gave birth at 60

Everyone knows that the older a woman is, the more difficult it is for her to get pregnant naturally and carry a healthy little one.

When, at the age of 40, women have not experienced the joys of motherhood, it is unlikely that in the future they will be able to achieve this, but the couple from Serbia were very lucky.

For many years they tried to become parents, but they did not succeed.

And so, when Atifa was 60 years old, and her husband Serif was 68, a miracle happened.

For a long time, the woman could not believe that two strips appeared on the pregnancy test.

Cerif was incredibly happy.

Soon a completely healthy little one was born, who was named Alina.

And it would seem that the family should be in love and harmony, because what they so desired for many decades finally happened.

But Serif was suddenly surprised to learn that he no longer lived with his wife and daughter.

He explained this decision by the fact that he simply did not think that it would be difficult for his psyche to be exposed every day to the loud crying of a baby.

The audience could not understand the man, and everyone tried to help an old woman with a small one.

But Atifa is not sad at all and is currently raising a charming three-year-old daughter.

She says that the birth of the little one is the best thing that has happened to her in life

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