The hairiest girl on the planet decided to remove the hair from her face. Here is how she looks today

Supatra Sasufan became almost the youngest participant in the Guinness Book of Records. But it was not athletic achievements or a unique talent that helped her get there, but the hair that was all over her body. She was recognized as the hairiest girl in the world.


For many years, the child’s parents and she herself tried to fight this disease. But in the modern world there are simply no cures for such dense vegetation. Even laser hair removal couldn’t help the girl. It made her hair thicker and grew faster.

The child had to endure constant ridicule at school from classmates. However, she herself states that she has many friends and most of them treat her well.


Now she is 17 years old, and she was able to learn to live with her peculiarity. The girl even got married, but she doesn’t want to claim the name of her companion.

Their first joint photos have already appeared on the Web. Users wrote comments and admired her. To maintain her current appearance, the teenager has to shave her face regularly.

We would like to wish Supatra patience and strength. Everything will surely be fine with her.

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