“No one could have imagined this”. Julia Roberts has lost her beauty…

Chromatography’s “Pretty Woman” myth. Without Julia Roberts, a nice story about Cinderella would be lacking in style and taste. If you agree, you might find this post interesting.

But it’s too bad that time goes by so quickly!

And here’s what happened.

A woman who used to be beautiful and break the hearts of a million handsome guys is now just an ordinary woman of 54.

“We love her anyway!,” “Is it a joke or a hint that she’s pregnant?,” “What’s up with her stomach?,” “I wish I had a high opinion of myself like her,” “It’s normal to change after so many years,” and “Hey, guys, let’s just leave her alone, she looks perfect and happy, and that’s the point.” I found these kinds of comments under the new paparazzi photos of the actress.

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