The girl born with two hair colors and eyelashes is already 11 years old: How the unique beauty looks now

Bella Hill, 11, from Lincoln, was born with half-blonde and half-brown hair. This phenomenon is called poliosis, with it there is a lack of pigment in the hair.
A schoolgirl can decide every morning whether she wants to be blonde or brunette, thanks to a rare genetic trait that causes her hair to have two completely different colors – and chooses depending on her outfit.

Scientists explain that part of Bella’s skin is affected by poliosis. From the Greek word “pilios”, which means “grey”. Melanin is the substance that gives hair its color. People with poliosis have reduced levels or no melanin in the roots of the affected hair. The hair growing on the infected area does not have pigmentation and is discolored. This is normal, normal hair, just very light. For girls, this is not a problem, on the contrary, Bella is happy to use her advantage!

Mom Jenny Hill of Lincoln was stunned when Bella was born with half blonde, half brown hair. Since then, surprised passers-by have admired her hairstyle and constantly ask if she dyes her hair or not.


The schoolgirl even has eyelashes of different colors – the right eyelashes are light in color, and the left ones are dark.

Bella’s hair feature has been visible since childhood, but the doctors said there was nothing to worry about. Poliosis can sometimes be accompanied by poor vision, but in itself is not dangerous.

None of Jenny’s other children have hair like Bella’s, and they’ve only met one person who also had poliosis.

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