70 years later: The 98-year-old couple recreated their wedding day in the same place they got married

Cao Yuehua and Wang Deyi, now ninety-eight years old, decided to celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary at the same place where they got married. They celebrated their anniversary in 2015. The children helped prepare for this event.

They found a similar dress, veil and bouquet of flowers for the bride. The history of the couple The future spouses met in 1943 in Yunnan at one of the student parties.

At that time, the Second World War was going on. Cao was called up for military service, he was sent to work as an interpreter, first to Myanmar, and then to India. Wang remained in her native country all this time. After Cao’s return from the war in 1945, the couple decided to marry.

From that day on, they were inseparable. 70 years later After seventy years, they decided to return to the same park where they used to celebrate their wedding and recreate this touching moment.

Their youngest son Cao Panglei, now 60, says that his parents have gone through a lot: the war, several epidemics. Sometimes it was very hard for them, but they never stopped loving each other. Cao Yuehua told the secret of family life.

For a huge period of time, he and his wife take care of each other. They constantly think about each other. Wang suggested to her husband that they return to the same place again when their 100th year of marriage is over.

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